Maggia granite dry stone wall and vibrant spindle tree

Hünenberg, 2019

This spindle tree (Euonymus alatus) especially attracts attention in autumn with its intense red colouring. There is hardly another plant that creates such intense colours in autumn. When it loses its leaves, the gnarled bark and the four wing-like cork strips on the twigs become visible. This attractive shrub is extremely robust and undemanding. It can be planted in any location and does not need any care.

The stone wall in Scottish bond from Maggia Granite edges the plants and at the same time provides a place to sit on.

The two vigorous espaliered pear trees (Pyrus conference) were planted as fully grown trees. They require little space as they can grow right against a house wall. Since pear trees can be planted as mature trees, they make the garden look perfect from the first day and grow edible fruits.